Let's go to the colonies!

Emigrate or degenerate. The choice is yours!


The Shimata-Dominguez colony wants supervisory recruits and families. Join us in a clean, fresh environment featuring the invigorating Johnson and Murikami California Climate!

Enjoy the numerous recreation areas such as the famous Elysium Crater Resort! Let our abundant man-made labour force cater to your personal needs!

If you meet health and experience qualifications for the Off-world Emigration Program, request the standard OEP short form, there's a place for you at Dominguez and Shimata Colonies.

Give yourself a brand new world!

We are promoting a world of extreme talent. Exceptional people are in high demand and we secure a core group of pivotal high-performers by offering excellent rewards. Our workforces are lean and we are bringing in flexible talent and skills as and when they're needed.

Our workers' efforts are maximised through sophisticated use of physical and medical enhancement techniques and technology, and along with automation, analytics and innovation, we push performance in the workplace to its limits. Workers' performance is continually measured and analysed enabling a new breed of elite super-workers.

Health and Security has always been a priority at SDC. Our buildings are equipped with the latest air purifying systems and climate technologies. Safety messages are broadcasted in many places.

Rumours of Security and Health issues in the colonies are a hoax propagated by illegals who have been caught for drug abuse and refused to follow the Health & Safety Guidelines.


Tired of waiting for your application results?

This is usually the worst part of the whole ordeal. Years of your life, thousands of dollars, and your entire future hang in the balance. And what can you do? Nothing. You’re forced to just sit and wait. It’s enough to drive anyone insane.

Fortunately there are ways to make it easier:

  • Get yourself an Empathy box: grip the handles and feel empathy alone or with your loved ones. Experience the fusion with Mercer!
  • Get yourself a Penfield Mood Organ and rewrite your mood. Having trouble dialing your very first mood? Dial the default mood: the desire to dial.
  • Watch Buster Friendly and His Friendly Friends TV Show: Buster records 46 hours of show a day!


I wake up thankful every day for my job

Jerry Goode"Most of my friends are independent workers and I see how they live with the uncertainty of where the next paycheque is coming from.

I am working for Shimata and Dominguez since 2018. The Head of Future Talent spent a week at my school in LA and picked out three of us to join their sponsorship programme. It’s been hard work but I’ve come out of it with a respected qualification and experience in order to make it in the off-world colonies.

My mother always encouraged me from an early age to aim for a solid career with a good employer - I think she saw the changes in the job market as automation was beginning to have an impact around the time I was born and wanted stability for me. I was aiming for a moving target, of course – I never heard of my employer when I was a teenager – but it has worked out. None of us rest on our laurels though – I know that there are thousands of people who would jump into my job in a heartbeat.

Some of my team are based near Olympus Mons so my days typically start early – the rule is that before 7:00 they can video-call me at my conapt. Between 7 and 7:30 I take my meds – I’m helping the company trial a new drug at the moment that maximises the efficiency of my sleep patterns – and check in online with work.

I usually take a quick look at my Life Lab – my implant uploads my heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns and full blood results several times a day. Good results feed into our performance bonuses so I’m always careful to look after myself. I feel better too, of course.

Work likes us to be onsite whenever possible as the Life Lab shows our core team’s synaptic output improves when we are physically together. Generally, every week I select a few specialists from our database to fill in the gaps for particular projects – there’s always an excellent group to choose from.

It’s an interesting, challenging job we’re very well looked after – the company’s medical care and research programme is second to none, and we get free travel with the group’s auto-cab fleet and airline – we don’t need to provide ID or anything, our implant gives us instant access. And I feel that I’m constantly stretching myself and as a company, we’re constantly stretching what the human race can achieve. It’s an exciting place to be." Jerry Goode

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