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Off-world Emigration Program

The Off-world Emigration Program is one of our key missions mandated by the UN in order to bring more life in the colonies and prepare a better future for You.

Together we have developed migration policies, techniques and metrics to support value-added (productivity and quality) economic policies to increase our profits and support our growth:

  • Flexible annual goals or targets for immigration that emphasize economic migration, predominantly employment-based migration.
  • Emphasis on economic migration rather than family-based migration.
  • Ongoing labor market research programs to identify and measure skill shortages.
  • Points-based systems to give quantitative weights for preferred migrant selection characteristics.

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Mining operations

The Noctis mine is our first and biggest underground poly-metallic mine on Mars with more than 20 years of operating history, which comprises a 600-tonne per day ore processing facility, underground mine and reserves and resources containing gold, nickel, bauxite, lead and silicate compounds.

The mine is managed in conjunction with the Phobos and Kepler mines by a single experienced management team, utilizing the shared services of Tyrell Corporation.

The main facilities are located along the Schiaparelli canals (Tharsis region) in close proximity to a number of other significant mining operations and exploration properties.

Space cargo

SDC has created a new and distinct market over a decade ago when it began providing customers access to space delivery services.

Whether you're tasked with getting mission-critical shipments to inhospitable climates, developing disaster recovery plans, or making your operations more transparent and productive, we can help.

As a global logistics leader and service provider to the military and defense industries, we've earned our reputation for reliability by treating every shipment, every day, as mission-critical.

Tannhäuser Gate

When the products you make bring better health to people, they should be handled with care. We have the expertise to ensure the integrity and safety of pharmaceuticals from highly sensitive biologics to tightly managed controlled substances.

Our current strategy is based on three principles:

  • Reshaping our portfolio through the sale of our domestic operations on Earth and reducing exposure to fallout dust.
  • Focusing on our distinctive service proposition and increasing growth in profitable segments.
  • Enhancing execution through a leaner organisation and cost efficiencies.

It’s clear that at SDC, innovation is in our DNA!

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