About Shimata-Dominguez Corporation

From the grounds to the skies

Space colonization

Shimata-Dominguez was created in 1968 by combining the nickel and aluminium smelting and alloying operations of Shimata and Dominguez.

Shimata-Dominguez was listed on the World Stock Exchange on November 14, 1971 (WEX:SDC16417). Most of its operations have long operating histories on the Moon, Mars and Phobos under previous owners and operators.

Since 2001 Shimata-Dominguez Corporation (SDC) has been undergoing a significant strategic transformation by developing mining activities off-world and by progressively decommissioning its old W-4 and T-14 andys in favor of the smarter Nexus series.


In 2009 SDC has begun another journey of transformation. From its inception as a mining and smelting company, it has rapidly and successfully grown its business, predominantly through carefully selected acquisitions such as Pan Am to become a leader in Space cargo as well as the exclusive partner of the UN for the promotion of the Off-world Emigration Program.

Watch out for the direction of wind! Shimata-Dominguez Corporation looks forward to benefit from the forthcoming projects of Tyrell and Weyland in order to offer you a healthier and more secure life in the colonies.

SDC aims to continue its journey towards its vision through the promotion of the Off-world Emigration Program, marketing activities and close collaboration with its partners.

Spacecraft refueling
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